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Our Counseling program- for all ages, cultures, and ethnic groups… Helping the client learn about the “Chains” that hold them back from experiencing a better life. Assisting and empowering the client to…
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Our mentoring program –​All our Life Guides (mentors) are everyday people who have the gifts, desire and training to come along side anyone who just needs a little assistance, support, friend to help them on their journey. Weather the person is…
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Our testimony program – The chains have been broken and people have been set free from many of their struggles. They made a choice to
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Our community program – This is where we put everything we been through into action. We combine our life experiences, both good and bad and learn to…
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IMPORTANT NOTE, ALL our services and phone calls are scheduled online.  In order to serve you the best way possible we ask that you use the online schedule to set an appointment or request a phone call. You are important and we want to be sure we don’t play phone tag!

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Online scheduling


Team Meeting / Orientation

When…Tuesday, June 6th  7:30pm

Where…Sozo Church 316 Durham Rd Penndel PA 19047


¨ Team Meeting for those who already committed to being a Life Guide and or are serving in some other way– To pray, discuss , plan  and continue to grow and be more like Jesus.


¨ Orientation-those interested in learning more about Speak Life Ministries and being a Life Guide. Learn how you can Go…Grow and know….Jesus more while being the light to another person through discipleship.

Get more information and ask questions while getting to know some really cool people.

No need to register for this meeting, Just show up!


Life Guide Training event

When…Saturday June 10th  Starts: 9 am  Ends: 3 pm

Where…Sozo Church 316 Durham Rd Penndel PA 19047


¨ Learn what it means to be a disciple while discipling another.

¨ Learn how to use our words so we can speak life into another

¨ Learn the basics  of crisis intervention and more!

¨ Learn to be more like Jesus!

¨ Lunch  will be served on location.


Covered by generous followers of Jesus!

You may make a donation if you like…that’s between you and the Holy Spirit!


***You must register to attend the training event***

This event is open to all persons who  desire to be a part of the discipleship ministry of SLM ONLY.

We will have many resources , training, etc. for the community in the future. Thank You!

To Register

Email your… name, phone number to:  Write: I want to Go, grow and Know


Text your… name, phone number and email address…Write: I want to Go, grow and Know

To… 844-lifenew (844-543-3639)

Way to go…In taking the steps to be the light and love of Jesus!

Lives impacted!

Talk it Out… at Bucks County prison… Nick turns his life over to Jesus while getting the help he needs.

Talk it Out…at halfway house…Debbie grows in her faith and builds her courage to continue treatment in recovery and intensive care with emotional issues.

Talk it Out and Work it Out… John works through issues in his past and overcomes fears to move into a new job.


Work it Out…Sam is coached and encouraged as he continues treatment, secures new job and transportation.

NOTE: Names are changed for the protection of our clients.