The Process


No more chainz Recovery meetings Fridays 7:30 pm

life is complicated... we make getting help simple...We take this simple approach in recovery....Do less but do more better

Our process is 1. Work it out, 2. Speak it Out and 3. Live it Out.

Step 1 of our process is, Work it Out. This is where will provide the tools, training, support for the individual to start on the journey of positive change. This is where they learn to work out their struggles and addictions. Replacing old destructive, unhealthy habits with constructive, healthy habits that lead to a new life. The main “ingredients” of the work it out step is our No more Chainz recovery meetings, Prayer Partners and Mentors.

Step 2 of our process is, Speak it Out. The person in recovery has applied what they have learned and are now seeing the good results of their efforts. Life change is happening, and through continued guidance through their prayer partners and or mentors are guided to share their story with others. This begins the transition into step three of our process, Live it out. They are now traveling down the road in helping others in recovery as their share their stories of transformation.
Step 3 of our process is, Live it Out. This is a very exciting step! Life change is happening and the person in recovery is now living out their new life! This is where everything comes together. Learning to serve others. Serving in the community. Establishing new relationships and mending old ones. Learning and doing life free from drugs, depression, anxieties and fears. Being part of new people, places and things. Enjoying fun, ministry sponsored event and functions.

More Details

No More Chainz recovery meeting, is a faith based, God centered meeting. We believe freedom is possible because Jesus did the impossible.The grave didn't hold Him down!

First we break down walls of anxiety and the unknown with the common ground of music, followed up with inspiration and teaching from the Life Recovery Bible. Lessons are taught in a way that encourages immediate application for life change.The lesson is followed up with open group discussion, as we share how we can apply or have applied some of the key points. We close out the meeting, as we publicly share needs, struggles and victories.
Meeting is open to all. There is no cost . The only thing we ask is that you take the first step, and attend the meeting, and give it a try for a few weeks before deciding weather its for you or not. Addiction meeting is open to Levittown, Bristol, Morrisville and surrounding areas.
Meets every Friday 7:30 - 8:45 pm, Meets in Thornridge Community Church
7 Thornridge Pl. Levittown, PA 19054 ( Parking is in the lot across from church)
Call Speak Life Ministries at 844-LifeNew with any questions.


Life is hard. Life sucks at times. (Just keeping it real) Trying to get through our hang ups, bruises, bumps and shake off some bad habits is difficult, especially if a person is going it alone. Part of “Work it out” is helping the person "work it out" by pairing then up with another person. A caring, individual who will encourage and, if they so desire, pray with them along their journey of recovery.

The mentors main role is to be friend. They will connect at least one time per week, to provide encouraging words from the Bible or other, recovery support materials, listen, talk and pray. Again,its their recovery so we let them decide how they want it too go but WE NEVER WANT THEM TO GO IT ALONE.

QUESTION, DO YOU desire to be a mentor or prayer partner The Prayer Partner need not be in recovery themselves, nor have any formal training in addictions and recovery. They don’t even need to live close to the individual they are praying for!

Be the Voice of Hope for someone today ! Start the process in getting involved and Click here. That simple!

Speak it Out - Testimonies

Speak it out is where a person arrives at a place, in their recovery, when they have the courage, strength and humility to share their struggles and victories with the world. Taking their hurts, hang ups and stories of transformation to help others, in their journey to restoration. Read the stories here

The chains have been broken and people have been set free from many of their struggles. They made a choice to share their stories with the world, to be a “Voice of Hope” by giving the real evidence of life change. Many of us dwell in the past mistakes and failures. The media and it would seem, people focus more on the bad more than the good. NOT here! Speak Life is about speaking life and encouragement to one another.

Learning from our mistakes and pressing on. Recalling the good stuff and using those experiences as building blocks to our future! Declaring the victories and recording them for all to see to be used as a powerful tool to continue towards positive life change!

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Live It Out

Part of the recovery process and one of the most important parts is learning to serve others and live a life drug and alcohol free. To give back to our communities, families, friends and ourselves. Replacing the destructive habits with life giving habits. Learning to give and have fun. Clean and sober! We provide many ways to say YES to good habits, therefore focusing on what we can do instead of what we can’t.

We do this in many ways, some of which are; To help and serve in our communities. Serving at our meetings by learning and running sound, audio and video. Living it out by leading prayer and bible study. By placing signs, serving at community events. AND by Doing life together. Having fun without the use of any substance! Life is radical fun at outings, such as movie nights, camping, various field trips and social events and more! For more Info.