What To Expect


No more chainz Recovery meetings Fridays 7:30 pm

we are excited for you! some stuff to expect...

You can expect your life too change for the better but that will require a little and or a lot of hard work. You decide, it’s totally up too you. But we will be there for you , every step of the way!

You will learn how to replace negative habits and thinking thru:

  • By attending, encouraging and uplifting recovery meetings.
  • By connecting with a mentor/ life coach.

Exchanging the negative voice for the voice of hope by learning to live again and de-stress through:

  • Getting plugged into ministry sponsored events and outings such as: camping, bowling, picnics, trips and more.
  • Healthy physical activities and community events

Go from one who HAD an addiction to one who is giving back and loving it! By:

  • Working together to serve at community events
  • Helping those in need

And become the voice of hope, for others, by sharing your real story of transformation!

  • thru coaching and friendships you will develop and see your own awesome story unfold right before your eyes and then be given the opportunity, to share your story with others to help them on their journey! Again, totally up to you, but we believe you’ll be so excited about the change , in your l;I’ve, you will want to share, the awesome, good stuff!

Speak Life Ministries is the Voice of Hope Thru:

  • Providing food to those in recovery/sober houses, to help with the burden of unemployment, underemployment and or just starting back into the job market.
  • Providing transportation to faith events, social activities, meetings and self help activities.

Finally, and most importantly,
Speak Life Ministries is the Voice of Hope because we are committed to helping people discover and live out Gods plan of rescue for their lives!