Make a difference


No more chainz Recovery meetings Fridays 7:30 pm

Become a Prayer Partner.
Change a life.

Be a Voice of Hope , by praying for someone in recovery. Do you have the gift or prayer and encouragement? Can you make one phone call per week ,for maybe 15 minutes? We will be set up to call thru our 844-LifeNew number and be appointed a special extension until you decide ( if at all) to give out your personal cell number. Your phone call will be safe , secure while encouraging someone thru their journey of recovery! Your help is needed, join us in the fight against addiction.

Call 844- LifeNew ( 844- 543-3436) Today or click here , to sent us an email. Looking forward in serving together!

* You do not need to have transportation or even live in the area to get involved! Make a difference from the comfort of your home!

Plant a Sign & Plant a seed

We strongly believe Jesus still is in the "business" in changing lives. Speak Life Ministries is driven by our mission, "To be the voice of Hope by Introducing more people ( those in recovery) to Gods plan of rescue". Our signs state: "Freedom is possible because Jesus did the Impossible".They see the sign call the number on the sign 844-LifeNew and we respond with pray, guidance and a listening ear! Giving them help and directing them to resources to aid them in their recovery. And just an important, you are letting the community know that Jesus is the way!

What next?

1. Click here to send us your information via email.

2. Next Click to *sponsor a sign.

3. Call 844-LifeNew with any questions.

* We will gladly receive any donation amount but suggest 20.00 as a minimum.