Mens group


No more chainz Recovery meetings Fridays 7:30 pm

Warrior mens group

This meeting is dedicated to men who desire for positive change in their lives and develop real authentic friendships with other men. A place to conquer our demons, become warriors for Gods purpose and make some great friends along the way. So if your a guy who has been in the battle too long and desires some real change in your life, your in. If your a man who desires to do it better, your in. Basically your a man, who is asking questions but is seeking answers, welcome.

Where? Zoom Click here to attend ( You will need to download Zoom app. No worries its free. Just google Zoom app.)

When? Every 2nd AND 4th Thursday at 7 Pm, We try to wrap up by 8:30 pm

( Some of the guys get cranky if it runs past their bed time...LOL)

Questions? Call 844-LifeNew

Missed a meeting? Grab the meeting notes by CLICKING on link below

  1. 4-23-2020 Warrior Mens group: Going thru Hell Get the bible verses and comments to learn about going thru difficult situations