Recovery Meeting


No more chainz Recovery meetings Fridays 7:30 pm

desire hope,peace and something better?

Freedom is possible. You don’t need to stuck anymore!
At our meetings we don’t focus on past mistakes but on possible future victories. You’re NOT an addict, drunk, druggie or loser. You’re a person who has value, worth and your life has meaning! Were here to help you find hope and meaning again. Maybe even for the first time.
Your life matters. You are important, and YOU can and will make a difference in someone’s life. Starting with your own!

No More Chainz Is a recovery meeting providing hope, help & encouragement to overcome all types of addictions. Our meetings are focused on the life changing power of Gods word, the bible, with other practical resources added in to empower/equip life change. Providing practical, easy to understand, instruction and guidance to enable anyone to break the chains that hold them back. Come with an open mind and you WILL leave with hope and some cool tools to help you on your journey of recovery.

This is an open meeting- NA, AA, and everything in between, all are welcome. Addiction meeting open to Levittown, Bristol, Morrisville and all surrounding areas.
Meeting is every Friday 7:30 - 8:45 pm,

Meets in Community Center at Sozo Church
316 Durham Rd. Penndel, PA 19047 (Parking in lot across from church)

What are the meetings like?

We are a Faith based, spiritual meeting. To be straight with you, it can be a little *strange or weird, at first, compared to a typical 12 step meeting. Hey, we understand but give it a try and we promise you it WILL be worth it! (* strange and weird because we pray, encourage one another and read from the bible.) Hey, just keeping it real.
Anyhow, check it out this is how it goes down;
We focus on the 12 steps. (Click here if you want to see the twelve steps.) but we add awesome counsel/ advice straight from God/ bible in how to apply them, like for real.
We “unpack” them and dive in to tackle issues that we all face like:
Depression, anxiety, fear, anger, change, planning, loneliness, isolation, self- motivation, urges, temptations, forgiveness, being strong, boundaries, having joy, having peace, relationships, problem solving, bad thoughts, grief, and mush more.

Basically, we learn to deal with whatever life throws out us. Learn to deal with it in a healthy, good, productive way!

More stuff:
You will be surrounded by a community of people who really care. Made the same mistakes but learned to overcome! You will be part of a community (if you choose) that do life together and help each other out. You NEED not to go it alone anymore!
Freedom is possible! Your new life starts today! Need a ride? Call 844-LifeNew and we’ll pick you up!