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Dave S- Finds true joy

Ross M-grace wins!

Many strive to be perfect and end up expecting others to meet or exceed their expectations. Bond by the law and judgement until grace steps in and sets us free. Grace wins every time.


I grew up in a home with an angry, abusive, alcoholic father and a mentally ill, psychotic mother. I have four brothers and two sisters. Money issues, anger, hostility was how I was taught, This was the environment I grew up in. A non- stop “warzone” . Fearing for my life at the hands of an angry father or maybe murdered in my sleep by a mom who lost all sense of reality. This was my world until I heard a story about transformation and hope.

I heard a story about God and how He loved me. I through that story I turned my life over to God through Jesus Christ. The road has not been easy but He transformed my life! I had problems with anger, alcohol, money management issues and my relationships with my wife and children suffered. Depression and anxiety ruled my life but then I remembered this story. The story of how God loved me, yes me, so much that he offered up His only son to die for me so that I could be set free from sin, have eternal life and hope for today.
It changes my world every time I think on it!
Today I no longer take medications for my depression and anxiety. No more alcohol and drug abuse. My family adores me and we are financially stable. All because I decided to respond to the story.Some person offered a different path and I responded.

I have been set free from the Chains that held me! I hope you are encouraged by my words! Do you have your own story? Share it with someone today. Let your words bring healing and hope!

Lisa L - the fathers love

Dave- the power of the word


Before Jesus came into my life, I was living a very dark, unmanageable life, full of darkness. I was doing drugs every day for 24 years. I would rob and steal from family and businesses. I lied to anyone and everyone just, so I could get the drugs I want and needed. At 15 years old, I went to my first rehab and lied my way through it. I had everyone believing I was on the right track. I started AA and finally satisfied probation and completed it and went right back to drugs, got arrested and ended up back in rehab at 16.
I did the same thing- lied my way through it and continued to use drugs. Lying, stealing and hurting people all around me, including the people who love and care for me, as well the people that didn’t even know me. I continued this life, and it got worse and worse. Eventually, I started doing very bad and terrible things. Started getting involved in selling drugs and guns. Had guns put to my head over drugs and money. Been shot at and shot at other people. I’ve seen people get shot and killed. Been arrested numerous times for drug related crimes. Involved in police chases… I neglected my beautiful daughters…put drugs first…put my children and myself in life – threatening situations…got to the point when I thought I had nothing to live for. Tried to end my life in a few different ways.
Then one day my mom found Jesus…everyone started praying for me, of which I had no knowledge. God put “people in my life” …I wanted to end it again, but that day something happened, and I ended up going with Dave cause I had nowhere to live. He took me to church to sleep for the night. It was Christmas night 2017. The next morning his friend set me up to go to rehab…I was there for 3 months and 3 weeks…. while I was there a pastor and his son would bring a bible study right to us. Something told me to check it out, so I did, and things started to make sense.
I completed rehab…moved to a halfway house… I called Dave and the next Friday he took me to No more Chainz addictions recovery ministry bible study…. On March 23rd I went back to No More Chainz and the minister asked if anyone in the room wanted to turn their life over… he asked two more times…but no one responded…I was praying in my head and heart that he would ask again...he asked again! Does anyone want to turn their life over to Jesus? I put my hand up, and I repeated the prayer and got saved that night… Sunday service at Thornridge Church, they asked the same question and I put my hand up again!...Since that day I am attending church…going to No More Chainz meetings and Christians Alternatives to addiction meetings…
Since I’ve turned my life over to Jesus I have absolutely no desire to pick up a drug or a drink. I have no cravings or urges for drugs or alcohol. …Jesus has removed all theses things from me and replaced them with positive and healthy things. He (Jesus) is mending my relationships with my family and putting amazing people in my life!
I am …so… grateful to have Jesus in my life! Now, I believe in Him 100%. There is no doubt, in my heart, He is with me now and always will be! I understand the love He has for me and everyone else. That is why I love, praise, and worship Him. I now pray every night before I go to sleep and every day I wake up.


My Name Is Debbie Kusek.

Before I was introduced to the Lord and gave my life over to him, my life was in disarray. I was suffering from depression, anxiety and many other health issues. I also had some addictions to deal with as well. I did not have a god then! I was baptized Roman Catholic, but something was missing. No God No Faith until now!
I was introduced to Christianity by Rachel Ronaldo, and I can’t thank her enough. It was scary at first and I did not take it as seriously as I should until I met Pastor Andrea. It was like God sent me this angel and the next thing I know I am in bible study with her, church almost every Sunday, and talking to her often. I started reading all the books that Rachael would share with me months prior and started understanding more about myself. Then one day, my son appeared at Bible study after a long battle with addiction. The moment I saw him, I knew then something special was happening not just for him but for me too. God had answered my prayers. Then I was no longer asking to go to church or bible study, I was going no matter what because this made me happy and peaceful. I had not only found God but I found my happy place!
So much has changed for me: my whole persona of life, and myself with others! I no longer hold grudges. I have learned to forgive and pray for someone that has done me wrong. I have rid myself and continue to rid myself of unnecessary medications, drugs, alcohol and have learned to listen and not jump the gun when I am angry with someone close to me. It’s like God is there with me when I get unnecessary stress. I now think before I speak and when I do speak it’s in a way that I have never done before. When I sin, I am very aware, and I pray for forgiveness. Jesus is my savior now and I have committed my life to him as my Lord. I am excited about following Christ, and about what He is doing with my life. I want to thank Pastor Andrea and Pastor Robert for praying for me and helping me commit my life to Christ.